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How Well CodLogic can Boost Your Digital Presence

Digital marketing is the main way of promotion of brands and products or through one or more ways of electronic media and it differs from the traditional marketing in which it involves the usage of channels and the methods which are enabled as an organization in order to analyze the marketing campaigns and also to understand that what is in the working condition and also about what is not typically in real time.
Digital marketers mainly monitor the kind of things like cases of what is being viewed, and for how often it is done so and also for how long, there are also sales conversions, again things like which content works and which content doesn’t work, etc. However through the internet it is, perhaps, the kind of channel which is most closely in association with the digital marketing, but others includes the various wireless text messages, and also the instant mobile messaging, there are various mobile apps, then the podcasts, most importantly the electronic billboards, then the digital television and also the radio channels, etc.

Our Pay Per Click Services

SEO Audit (Technical)

All our SEO projects go through a deep technical auditing process that involves checking the website itself for errors, content validations, search-engine mistakes, coding errors, script issues and other problems. We make use of several advanced SEO auditing tools like SEMrush Audit, Google Webmaster Tool, etc. in this step.

Keyword Research

The process of keyword research involves finding out the best-targeted keywords for your website and pages. We use Google Keyword Planner and various other tools to sort out the most beneficial targeted keywords and phrases for your site and then, we update your website content, meta tags, title, etc. with proper use of keywords.

Competitor Analysis

You can learn a lot from your competitors, especially from your top competitors. We analyse your website competitors to find out what they are doing different and how we can use those things to improve your business as well. This is a wonderful way to get an insight into what works in your particular niche.

Link Quality over Quantity

Link building is at the core of SEO services offered by CodLogic. We prefer quality over quality when building links to your website. Our SEO experts focus on getting backlinks from authority and reputed websites in the same niche, which positively impacts the reputation and search rankings of your own website.

Website-specific SEO

Rather than following the same SEO strategy for every website, we prefer to work differently for different projects. This is why we first thoroughly analyze your site for on-page and off-page SEO issues and decide upon a strategy accordingly. For example, if your website has been hit by any Google ranking algorithm earlier, we first work to remove the responsible links and then start building new, high-quality links.

Result Analysis

Being a reputed SEO company, we are committed to producing results, no matter what. Our task doesn’t end with the implementation of a strategy, but we also keep an eye on your website’s performance and growth. If one strategy is not working for a website, we make sure to replace it with a better one.

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